CineGrain: A Film Grain ‘Plug-In’ In Your Pocket

A Video Review and Tutorial What is Cinegrain? Product Website: If you want to add film grain or mimik certain types of film looks (Super 8mm, Silent Film, film flashes, lens flares) then the Cinegrain package of film footage may be right up your alley. It’s not a plug-in – but actual scanned film. […]

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Apple Color 1.5: A Requiem

From Merriam-Webster: Color 1.5 Is Dead Lost among the clamor over the past week of FCPx is that Final Cut Studio’s stand-alone color correction software, Color 1.5 – is now End-Of-Life. There will be no more updates, no features added, and should some future Mac OS update break Color – Apple will not come to its rescue. […]

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Has Apple’s Color Been Merged Into Final Cut Pro X?

“The Tao of Color Grading” was named and born from a simple question: Why do professional colorists work the way they do and how can we pass that knowledge forward? The Tao of Color mission is NOT to explain every button, knob, and lever… The ‘Tao Of Color’ mission is to explain ONLY the buttons, […]

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