This is the first industry newsletter that I actually rush to my email on Sunday to check for. I have so much junk mail that never informs me of anything, but the Tao has seriously ignited my already burning crave to be a colorist.

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Issue #368: The Selective Color Edition
The Tao of Color Grading Newsletter
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July 15, 2018 | Web Archives
I ended up taking off the weekend after the 4th of July. Apparently, no one else did - based on the number of articles I've curated.

I'm holding back a few, evergreen stories for next week - since the new revised Newsletter prefers to not overwhelm you. Since we took a week off, let get right to it...

Happy Grading!!!

See you next week.

- Pat Inhofer
Colorist | Publisher | Mentor
The Craft
Featuring the work of creative craftsmen and the theory of color. Learn practical workflows, useful theories, and actionable insights from existing (and emerging) leaders and teachers in our industry.

[videos] Confession: I haven't watched this yet. It's on my Sunday morning list. You might want to watch this interview too because Randy Ubilios helped mainstream non-linear editing, starting back in the 1990s.

A good Q&A with a half-dozen colorists about how the craft is changing. Includes discussions with colorist (and Academy nominee) Nakamura and our former Managing Editor, Jim Wicks.

At first, I though this article was a boring rundown of colors. But it's actually a pretty good reminder of how color palettes are built. I'm ambivalent on the 'influence your life' bit, as they relate to our craft.

[videos] My initial snarky thought: Because they hired a colorist to smooth them over.

LumaForge + Resolve = Collaboration
We've spent the last 3 years designing a killer little shared storage device for color, editorial, and VFX workflows: we call it the Jellyfish. With an integrated database server, it's perfect for Resolve's groundbreaking Collaborative Workflow.

Jellyfish Shared Storage Systems start at $7,500.
CLICK to LEARN MORE about the Jellyfish at
The Tools
Our craft keeps changing. And growing. Learn about updates to your favorite software. Discover new tools to help you work faster or more creatively. Build your toolchest with new techniques and approaches.
[forum] The link is to the list of key new features in Beta 6. Plus, details on an extensive list of bug fixes.

A Fusion 101 from the perspective of a VFX oriented editor.

Jonny's usual monster round-up of resources. From stand-alone training titles to extensive clippings of Twitter advice. Shout to him for featuring my 5-hour Resolve title and Mixing Light's new Flight Paths.

A color grading plug-in for FCPx and Adobe, Hawaiki aims to simplify color correction. This post rounds ups its features and the use cases. Interesting: One click balancing on white, black, and (this is the interesting) skin tone balance.

A bug fix for interlaced projects in Premiere.

An interesting discussion about a strange deliverable request from Netflix. With good, and interesting, answers.

Friend of the Tao Oliver Peters writes a follow-up post. He's trying to dispel a lot of misinformation about this new format.

Inclusion of new features for finishers is why this item is in here this week.
For those of you grading on Avid... if you find one or two of these tips useful - then it's worth your time reading.

[webinar] Editor Scott Simmons has been editing a project in Resolve 15. It's his first attempt at using Resolve exclusively as an NLE. This seminar shares his experience and offers tips. July 24. Register to be reminded.

The new features in Silverstack may have you wondering why you would wait to do verification of your copies? They offer 4 different scenarios. For my DIT friends.

My question to you: Can you apply what you learn in this video to your grading app? Fantastic excerpt of a larger discussion. 6 minutes of great insights.

Their summary says it all, "ARRIRAW can yield amazing images that take up an enormous amount of space. Learn the ins and outs of managing all that data (or making the call not to)." Good article.

What's is new? One word: Camera metadata. From the perspective of this studio colorist, seems like a solid update.

Professional film emulation and film grain for all of your projects

Speed up your grading and camera-matching tasks with the power of FilmConvert: 19 film stocks, 6K grain scans and dedicated camera profiles for the leading cameras on the market.

For fast turnaround and quick, cinematic results in just a few clicks. Plugin or Standalone.
Click to Save 10% off FilmConvert with promo code 'TAO'
Pushing Photons
These stories are from's membership Library. It's a color grading website (Tao Of Color is co-Owner). Do you want to read a story listed here but not a member? Sign up for a free 7-Day Test Drive.​​​ There's also a free Resolve Course and color correction Practice Projects.

Three colorists sit down and talk about why we might invest in the FSI 65" display at 6x the cost of the LG.

DIT Ryan Nguyen C.S.I. continues his series for on-set media management. This time, how Silverstack handles double-system sound and automagically populating on-set metadata.

What happens when the intense LED lights in a concert film overwhelms your grade? ACES and LMT to the rescue!

In 2015 Mixing Light published a 'hack' for forcing your favorite LUTs to permanently display your own LUTs in the Lumetri pulldowns. In 2018, hacking is no longer necessary. Get the details. (free, in front of the paywall)
A curated Guide through Mixing Light's color grading Library: focused on HDR and Dolby Vision. Includes essential external resources on the topic. Mix of Free and Premium content.

Flanders Scientific DM250 OLED and DM240 Reference Monitors
The DM250 24.5” OLED and DM240 24” LCD color critical reference monitors feature FSI’s most advanced feature set and highest level of color accuracy.

FSI DM250 OLED only $8,995 and DM240 only $3,995​​​​​​​

LEARN MORE About the FSI DM Series Monitors​​​​​​​​
The Gear
Stay updated on the latest hardware that's shipping - because the craft of color grading isn't just about software. Plus, keep an eye on future equipment trends and camera odds-and-ends.
A very nice write-up about the work we're doing at Mixing Light. It features our wide-ranging conversation with FSI about their new 3,000 nit mastering monitor and color grading in HDR.

More CPU Cores, DDR4, & Same Form Factors. This post includes a handy chart comparing to the 2016 & 2017 models.

A good post-production overview of the latest additions for Mac-based pros.

This is a great idea by BMD. Clearly, Apple isn't interested in building up-gradable machines. A branded solution for their Mac users makes a ton of sense.

They don't have actual performance numbers - but they do analyze the likely performance impact of the new DDR4 RAM and GPU (include the likely performance compared to an iMac'Pro').

Don't get me wrong. I love Apple. And the iWatch is changing my life (another story). But I'm glad I'm off that platform professionally. The details of how their Authorized Service Provider program works is astonishingly terrible. Especially if these rigs generate income for you.

I almost skipped this story - but it offers some new insights on how compute power has dramatically increased. These fascinating numbers show why 16k (or 32k) isn't as far fetched as you might thing.

A handy-dandy chart to keep around. Because colorists (for some reason) are expected to know these details as well as a D.P. So start studying!

A useful reference for us converted Mac-heads. Fairly pithy considering the subject matter.

There's only one reason this item is here: It's friggin' cool. I wonder, what would a pressure sensitive trackball do with that extra dimension?

Sunday Fun(nies)
Random thoughts, tidbits, and fun stuff that caught my attention this week. Maybe it's color grading related. Maybe not. Ya got'ta read to the end of the Newsletter to find out.

NO! If it needs propellers it's not a flying a car. Can we all just agree on this one thing: George Jetson Or Bust!

You'll get the idea really quickly when watching. Simply: Audio Isolation Meets Video Playback At A Recital. Nifty. And amusing.

This article has the numbers on the decline of physical media. I admit: I love the quality of HDR / DolbyVision UHD BluRay. But beyond a few reference discs, my UHD collection is being built on AppleTV - with its history of auto-uprading your existing library (and I do tend to shop in the 'Under $8' store, but won't buy it if it isn't HDR).

A month ago I shared a proposed set of rules by the EU that fundamentally changes the internet. It appears a few others agreed and the EU is stepping back - in spite of big name support. Read on for the details.

Th- th- th- that's all folks! See you next Sunday!
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