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“Don’t Stop! Brilliant newsletter, always filled with informative articles. Thank you for your contribution to our craft.”

Blake B.

Although much of the Resolve 11 training was not new to me, it was a great opportunity to fine-tune the parts of the extremely broad Resolve feature set that I do not use on a regular basis. Resolve 11 Deep Insights is the perfect blend of instruction on the use of the interface/feature set and, insights as to how they are used in a real-world color grading session.

Patrick, I first discovered you back in the days of Resolve 8 / In-Tents. With your guidance/mentorship, I have learned more about the art/profession of being a colorist than I have from all of the other competing training products combined, that I have purchased elsewhere.

Steve Carson

“It’s also interesting . . . how much easier you made the fundamentals of color correction. I probably would have thrown this out the window by now if I didn’t have a grasp of the basics, instead it’s all quite interesting.”

Austin C.