NEW! Live Color Grading Workshop

How about grading a short film across 3 days with a professional colorist? Welcome to Colorist Flight School Live! A workshop that teaches the craft while getting you up-and-running on DaVinci Resolve.

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Grade a Film, Learn DaVinci Resolve!

What’s a ‘funner’ way to learn color correction, then color grading a horror film—with a 1980′s look? AND you’ll learn DaVinci Resolve 9 in the process. Download the camera-originals, follow along with a colorist, learn the craft. Plus Resolve 9 tutorials get you started.

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Color Correction Podcast!

Have you heard? There’s a one-of-a-kind interview series dedicated to the movers, shakers, and thinkers in the video / film color grading community. Currently playing: The creators of the horror film anthology website,

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News & ‘ToCG’ Discounts

Subscribe to our weekly “Sunday Morning Reading” newsletter and stay on top of the latest trends, insights, and opinions… from a colorist’s perspective. You can also subscribe to our Early Bird newsletter and be alerted when new training is released and get in on un-advertised discounts!

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We mentor people in the craft of color correction.

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